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I’d love to hear from you. Whether you enjoyed the book or not, would like to know something about the story or the characters, or maybe  want to ask a question about 2CVs … the floor is yours. Share your feedback and if I can shed any light, I will.

16 thoughts on “Discussion / Feedback”

  1. beth couch says:

    I couldn’t put it down. And I had a smile on my face the whole way through, delightfully awestruck at the originality of the narrative. Over two days, I was totally engrossed. It took me on a journey that was fresh and totally unpredictable. It was a romance novel like no other – I certainly fell in love with it – it was the best story, contrived at so many levels, in the most intricate plot that I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.
    It made me laugh and it also made me cry, I was captivated and cared so much.
    It has to be made into a movie or mini series (with the ABC where there’s no ad breaks).
    I just loved it and I don’t hesitate to tell everyone how good it is. An exceptionally good read, I rate it five stars, or if I were Barry’s writing tutor he’d graduate with a ‘D’ for Distinction.

    1. Pete James says:

      Thankyou Beth. Great to hear you enjoyed it. I’d love it to be made into a movie too. You don’t happen to know how I get in touch with Richard Curtis do you? PMJ.

  2. Jen Ennis says:

    I’m not a big reader but I found Love in a Duck irresistible. What a delightful story written by a very clever and imaginative author. From beginning to end I was captivated. The plot thickened just when I thought I had figured it out. The unravelling of lies made it so entertaining. Its beautifully written, descriptive, warm, engaging, funny. I so enjoyed the french connection! I developed a readers relationship with all the characters, some more than others! I loved how it all came together. Brilliant! I too would like to see this story made into a movie! Next novel please!

  3. Pete James says:

    Thanks Jen, it’s wonderful to hear you connected with the characters. Next novel? Well, those same characters have been talking to me lately about sending them on another adventure. I think Severson was rattling on about South America? We’ll see. Funny you should mention LIAD being made into a movie… stay tuned! PMJ.

  4. Wayne Eades says:

    Loved it!! Couldn’t put it down. Read it in a week which is amazing for me, as I’m not really much of a reader. The story has more twists and turns than a roller coaster, loveable characters and some great insights to the Citroen 2cv. All in all – awesome!

  5. Pete James says:

    Cheers Wayne, glad you had fun and enjoyed the crazy ride. PMJ

  6. Deb Murphy says:

    Loved this book from start to finish. The characterisation was brilliant, those characters have stayed in my head long after I finished the book. I wanted to get to the end of the book to find out what happens, but I was very sad to finish the book and leave the characters and the story behind. I am hanging out for the next novel now, really want to keep reading about what these crazy characters will do next. It was the sort of book that makes you want to laugh out loud, you get so engrossed in the world and life of the characters. Brilliantly written and obviously very well researched, lots of details so you can picture the scene in your head, but not too many that you get bogged down. Eagerly waiting the next!!

  7. Pete James says:

    Wow… pressure to get on with the next novel is beginning to grow! It’s nice to hear that the characters are still with you Deb. With any luck, I’ll find some time soon to begin formulating thoughts on a sequel to let them loose on the world once again! PMJ

  8. Julie Benders says:

    I loved reading this book, there was just the perfect combination of comedy and romance and I could feel the passion for the 2CV. The descriptions were so vivid that I was seeing the whole scenario and thinking this should be a film. It would be hilarious. At times I was laughing out loud much to the dismay of my husband sitting next to me on the plane!!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. and so looking forward to the next one!!

    1. Pete James says:

      Thanks for your feedback Julie. Lovely to hear you enjoyed the book. I too would like to see it become a film. That may be a project over the coming few months, so stay tuned! PMJ

  9. John says:

    I just finished the book, what a great easy and enjoyable read. Can’t wait for the sequel, after whetting our appetite in the last chapter.
    It indeed would make a good movie, I find myself wondering who could play Amy.
    But picking an actor might blow all my fantasies 🙂

    1. Pete James says:

      Thanks for those kind words John, good to know that a member of the 2CV community enjoyed the read. I should put up a new section of the website and get people to vote for the actor they think suits each role the best! Early work has begun on the sequel. Can’t believe I’m starting the journey again, but it’s been fun playing around with some ideas. PMJ

  10. Kim Brocchi says:

    I really enjoyed it, laughed a lot and got to really like the characters. Loved the dialogue, and thought that the comedy/farce, was nicely done. The twists in the story added some surprises, and also of course loved the Citroen theme (yes even tho I am a girl).
    Enjoyed the local references and the only thing that jarred was where, at times, it was overly descriptive.

    1. Pete James says:

      Good to hear Kim, who said girls don’t like cool cars?

  11. Kelsey says:

    I just finished reading Love in a duck, I couldn’t get my nose out of it! It was an incredible story with relatable characters, I thought I was part of it. And such an easy read. Can’t wait for the sequel!!

    1. Pete James says:

      You know what Kels? I was only thinking of a sequel storyline today. Who knows? 2018 might be the time.

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