Love in a Duck is a fictional comedy set in the present, between Melbourne and Paris.

Davin Gaye has endured schoolyard persecution about his surname – cruelty that renders Davin sexually inexperienced. So Davin moves to Melbourne, changes Gaye to GREY and starts a new life with advertising agency, Severson and Roberts.

Enroute to work one morning, Davin sees a girl in a Citroen 2CV (aka a ‘Duck’) with a Paris Motors sticker on the back window. Bewitched by the girl, Davin pursues the car but fails to catch her. Davin spends the rest of the week in a daydream and is in danger of screwing up a major pitch for his agency.

Enter Graham Severson, stage left…

At this pitch, Davin’s nutty agency boss Graham Severson presents a fanciful cigarette ad campaign based around Harry Potter. Incredibly, the concept is approved by the client – a massive Potter fan – and Davin must now seek JK Rowling’s approval or his job is in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Davin locates Paris Motors and gruff proprietor Barry Thompson, who decides to help Davin meet the girl – Amy – by teaching Davin about Citroen 2CVs. Unbeknownst to Davin, Barry’s motive to assist the young man is that he is enrolled in a romance-writing course. Barry secretly writes the story of Davin and Amy, giving Davin advice to further the plot of his novel. Along the way, Barry learns that Davin works for Barry’s best friend – Severson – the girl’s estranged father – and sees the potential for complicated plot twists.

Par Avion.

These twists take the team from Melbourne to Paris where JK Rowling is holidaying. Amy turns up with boyfriend in tow, Davin finds himself in a tangle of lies that grow exponentially, and has no idea that he is in the middle of an international drug deal that is about to go down or that he is being followed by a hit-man with the IQ of a fencepost. As things heat up, Davin must deal with a delusional client, a nymphomaniac colleague, a boss that grows nuttier by the day and a cupid mechanic who continues to meddle with things to reach the end of his romance novel. Question is – will Barry’s plot twists backfire?

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